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... this is the last one with remote work. We promise!
Adapting to Working from Home: A Conversation with Gene Gotimer
Gene Gotimer, principal consultant at Coveros, chats with TechWell community manager Owen Gotimer about the challenges individuals and organizations face while we work from home during this global pandemic and how getting thrown into remote work could shape our future.

Eight TED talks with the solid reasons and ways to combat the popular issue of putting things off till the last minute.

Boost your automation testing performance by implementing the most recent test automation best practices adopted by the top companies in the industry!

When estimating product backlogs in story points, agile teams should think in terms of a range of capacity-limited buckets. 

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With Shelter at Home orders in place in many cities and entire countries due to COVID-19, we are experiencing an experiment not yet tried in our history. 
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Few books on software project management have been as influential and timeless as The Mythical Man-Month.