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Building a modular UI with server-driven rendering
Keeping millions of subscribers satisfied can be a challenge, especially when they’re divided across multiple subscriber types.

We usually perceive that it costs more to produce high quality software, but the software's internal quality actually reduces costs.
Left-shifted testing not only helps improve your software outcome but will also increase some other skills.
Learn how to manage a profitable agency in this interview with Tom Car—an agency Founder and CEO with a deep understanding of how agencies really work.

Gathering feedback is a huge part of any company's ability to improve. Creating a client satisfaction survey that gets individuals to provide input is a necessary tool.
Many debates are ongoing whether testers should know programming languages; I figured that no matter what, in addition to soft skills, testers must know some programming languages.

With new-age project development methodologies like Agile and DevOps slowly replacing the old-age waterfall model, the demand for testing…

P.S. Our own Ana Šekerija will be in Dublin speaking about the lovely relationship between quality assurance and data analytics. Try to catch her if you're in town. :)