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What Pirates Have to Teach Us About Leadership
In the deep heat of an 18th-century summer, a crew of pirates was sailing off the Virginia coast when a lookout spotted a merchant ship to the south. Springing into action, the pirates launched an attack, rocking the merchant ship with a cascade of musket balls and grenades.

The Testing Eight is not the name of the latest Hollywood blockbuster but instead refers to eight testing fundamentals whose principles can be applied to any development methodology to ensure the quality of its deliverables.

Testing teams can work alongside customer support teams. This can improve quality by: providing ideas for areas to test, triaging issues, learning from customers about how products are being used.

Explore the Spotify Squad framework and organizational model; why and how Spotify incorporated it, the product development methods it helped with, and why today the $50 billion company has abandoned the structure. 

If you ever find yourself stressed, overwhelmed, sinking into stasis despite wanting to change, or frustrated when you can’t respond to new opportunities, you need more slack in your life. Here’s how slack works and why you need more of it.

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A 2-day virtual summit on everything testing. Hear from QA leaders at Google and Salesforce to core contributors at Selenium, TestCafe and more, Breakpoint 2021 brings you lessons on shipping fast—without breaking things.