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A Whole-Team Approach to Testing
Here are some ways the entire team can keep up with the pace of agile to get test-related activities done in better ways.

Knowing what causes Zombie Scrum might help prevent a further outbreak of this terrible evolution

One predictive factor in the health of the development teams was time pressure. Too much time pressure inevitably led to burnout, poor morale, poor employee retention, and poor team performance.
Software is easy. People are hard. Check out this advice and let us know if it was helpful in your work.

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In this thrilling episode of This Agile Life, Jason asks for advice from Craig, Amos and Lee on what kind of metrics development teams can provide so there is some level of predictability as to new when features will be available to users or potential customers.

In this webinar, Kavitha will discuss why the shift in testing is needed? What changes need to happen? What challenges come in the way and share how we are overcoming them?