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In this edition of #RetrospectiveFudge we will be talking about testing and how to test under pressure.
Oh Sh*t : There is no time to test
Tabloids are attention grabbers! They are a great way of promoting primary content. Tabloids are commonly used to display top stories or showcase popular items.
Two woodcutters were assigned to chop wood in a forest. Both formed a team and started early and earnestly. Although working a distance from each other, they felt the competition to produce the best results.
The software industry is recognizable by high failures rate, late delivery, low quality, but still producing each day products used by millions of people.
A product owner or development team will often be asked for an estimate or a forecast for a product, a feature, an iteration, or a story. 
I've been testing file uploads lately, which is always fun.  It's also important, because uploading a malicious file is one of the ways that...